Government buyers have more choices than ever before when procuring technology solutions, from on-premises solutions to Software as a Service cloud-based solutions. Finding the right product that will meet the security, productivity, and flexibility requirements of government is critical to meet the needs of your citizens. AIRLIFT is a Software as a Service platform for delivering Government to Citizen (G2C) and Government to Government (G2G) applications using a true cloud-based infrastructure.

AIRLIFT Software as a Service is architected and managed as a platform to meet the security requirements of government. Security is a journey, not a destination, and we continually manage security updates to our platform software, as well as the underlying servers. For governments, this moves an open ended maintenance cost to a fixed expense. With regular security and operations audits we ensure that our platform and customer data remain secure. However, having a secure platform to use for government workflow applications is only the first step in providing a solution. The most secure system in the world loses its value if it is not available to the people who need it.

AIRLIFT is a cloud-based solution that provides flexible capacity planning, allowing applications to scale up or down as necessary. A surge in requests to a fixed capacity solution, either on-premises or internet-based, might overwhelm the available resources, slowing requests and even making the application unavailable. When applications don’t perform up to users’ expectations, it can shake their confidence in the application and hurt citizen engagement. On the other hand, over-provisioning capacity can be expensive, forcing companies to justify additional expenses for resources that may be rarely used. Businesses need a technology solution that is flexible both in the capacity that it provides and in how applications are built.

Building workflows for government is becoming more challenging. New legislative mandates, competing requirements from different levels of government, and demands from citizens and media for transparency and cost effectiveness are driving application development into shorter and shorter timelines with more constrained budgets. AIRLIFT is built with the agile development methodology in mind, allowing us to prototype applications quickly and iterate changes to applications often. This means that we can respond to changes in requirements in weeks – or even days – rather than taking months using traditional development life-cycles.

Cloud computing is here to stay and it provides important opportunities that allow governments to meet their security requirements, ensure application availability and performance, and deliver applications more quickly on smaller budgets. AIRLIFT is a true cloud based application platform for government that offers the security, performance, and flexibility that is required for modern government workflow applications.

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