Washington State Cloud – SaaS Action Plan

Washington State CIO Bharat Shyam published a 2012 report outlining the State’s Technology Strategy. Its a well defined report that should help each agency see the way forward in adopting next generation technology solutions. State, City and Municipal Budgets are tight and they aren’t getting any better for the foreseeable future.

cloudPWR offers proven solutions that can be deployed in hours and days instead of months. These solutions offer mobile access to documents and data, provide real-time collaboration and secure connectivity to systems behind the firewall.

The report states in the Action Plan items 3 & 4  Cloud computing provides several benefits:

• Economical: Public Cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go approach to technology, in which low initial investment is required, and additional investment is required only as system use increases.
• Flexible: IT departments that anticipate fluctuations in demand no longer need to scramble for additional
hardware and software. With cloud computing, they can add or subtract capacity quickly and easily.
• Fast: Cloud computing eliminates long procurement and certification processes, while providing a rich selection of services

We know that some IT Leaders may sit idle waiting for others to move forward. In some cases we have been told outright by IT staff working at large Washington State Agencies that their leaders have told them, “We aren’t moving to the cloud”.

This seems to fly in the face of practical realities and the State CIO’s published objectives. We understand there are fears and unknowns but if your ready to hear about solutions that can be deployed with little impact and high value contact us today for an appointment. (206) 588-6861

You can download the full report from here http://ofm.wa.gov/ocio/technology_strategy_022312.pdf

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