WA State Makes It Easy For Agencies To Acquire Box

Did you know that Washington city, county and state government agencies can receive inexpensive secure cloud storage under WA State Master Contract 04913?

What does this mean?

Any Washington government agency with a Master Contract Usage Agreement (MCUA) can purchase Box secure cloud storage at roughly a third of standard pricing. At this time there are nearly 1,400 WA agencies that have already signed an MCUA with the WA State Department of Enterprise Services, allowing them to utilize Washington State master contracts. One such contract is WS Master contract 04913 – Cloud Storage. There are no charges involved in signing an MCUA and a detailed explanation can be found on the DES website here.

Currently, more than 60 local and state agencies – such as OCIO, DOL, DOC, DVA, DOA, LCB, and DNR, as well as many Washington cities and counties – have taken advantage of Master Contract 04913 to mitigate the costs of document storage, collaboration, and retention.

What is Box?

Box is a cloud storage solution, which means you can upload files (documents, videos, photos, etc.) to the service from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can then access those files anywhere. Think of it as a floating hard drive that’s connected to all your devices.

Keep all your files in one place that you can access anywhere from any device.

All your content will live in one place that you can access from your desktop or mobile device.
You will be given access to specific department-related folders and you can organize your private business content in your own folder tree.
When your files are stored in Box, you have a quick, easy, and secure way to review version history and share your files internally or externally.

Use Box Collaboration to create group work spaces.

Are group projects a challenge – and not the good kind? Are you bombarded with emails, making it tough to determine the latest file version? Box allows you to centralize files in a single online workspace.

Invite your colleagues or clients to share and edit: turn folders into shared online workspaces where you can invite people to view, edit, upload files, and more.
Do you have a client with whom you are working on a long-term project? Invite them into a folder to have a lasting working relationship.
Post comments and assign tasks: whether you want to leave a quick comment or assign a task, keep the whole team on track by exchanging feedback in one place. Instead of going back and forth in a long email chain, use comments to maintain the conversation history around your content in a single place.

Use Box Shared Links to send large files and replace email attachments

You can create a unique link to any file or folder in your Box account.
Send your links to anyone with or without a box account for view and/or download access
Shared links always point to the most up-to-date version of your file. When you make changes to your file, you do not need to resend the link.

To see how Box can simplify and organize your document storage, collaboration, and retention policies, click here to watch a video demonstration.

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