This little powerhouse, the Canon DR-M260

I’m someone who had always had such poor experience with scanners in the past that my preferred form of memorializing documents had become photographing them with my phone. So much so that I even went as far as to cut some pieces of polarizing film to cross-polarize my phone’s flash and camera (this reduces the flash glare you get from a white document page).

Then the Canon DR-M260 appeared one day on my desk to try out. At first glance the unit is very unintrusive, it’s page hopper and out-feed tray fold nicely to minimize it’s footprint. But at the same time it is solid and obviously designed for heavy use.

In the two weeks I have had the unit I have scanned over 530 pages, including two books that were falling apart and 50 pages of an instruction manual from the 1930s that had partially decayed. In all of that scanning, I never had it jam or misfeed once.

  • Tiny footprint on my desk compared to my old flatbed scanner or a multipurpose machine with an ADF.
  • True 1-pass duplex scanning.
  • The amazing speed and that it actually takes advantage of USB3’s bandwidth, never leaves you waiting for anything to transfer or clear.
  • The entire time I have been using the DR-M260 I have not had a single driver configuration problem.
  • The ability to set up custom workflows, scan destinations and programmatic integrations in Canon’s OneTouch software. That all sync with the scanner and are selectable from it’s front menu.
  • You can set the software to skip the recording of blank pages or sides
  • You have the option of letting it automatically determine the scan type (color, grayscale, B&W)
  • Probably my favorite feature though is the ability to print and include seperator sheets between multiple documents in it’s input hopper. This lets you generate multiple pdf’s unatended from one large stack of pages.

I’ve grown pretty attached to this little powerhouse of a scanner and fear the day it mysteriously disappears from my desk back from whence it came.

Post writer by Damon Cargol

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