SpaceBox | CloudShare

With cloud computing expanding at near light speed and new product announcements coming from vendors weekly it is no surprise that CloudShare today announced a truly amazing new product.

SpaceBox pushes the envelope all the way to Earth’s outmost atmospheric layer, the Thermosphere. This announcement will take virtual machine processing power to a whole new level, supporting an endless range of virtual machine access and worldwide coverage.

Just as Carl Sagan explored the “Journeys in Space & Time” during Episode 8 of Cosmos, so too does the team that developed SpaceBox. By looking to the stars for next generation computing platforms we may one day be able to harness the infinite power of Black Holes as well. Just think data and files traveling at the speed of light, with infinite storage and the ability to travel between the space time continuum. Here business transactions are completed without human intervention, answers to questions are produced before they are asked and software becomes artificially intellegent and fully aware.

One day soon there will be Billions and Billions of SpaceBox satellites blanketing the sky in a protective layer filled with super fast pre-configured SharePoint VM’s” – NASA Chef of Tech

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