There are still reasons for enterprises to have OnPremise datacenter infrastructure and it won’t go away overnight. Even though ever IT vendor on the planet has adopted a cloud marketing strategy, it is still a fact that private data centers and server rooms are a standard at most organizations.

In a recent article published by Ron Miller, cloudPWR CEO Shadrach White and AIIM International CIO Laurence Hart talked about each others perspective on cloud computing, adoption and controlling IT spend.

“Moving to the cloud isn’t an overnight journey,” Hart said. “Each system move is a migration, and migrations take planning and work. In addition, there is the existing investment. Some organizations have large, virtualized data centers and have things under control. They don’t need to rush to the cloud because they are already more responsive than most IT shops. None of this means they don’t want to move, just that they have good reasons for not making it their top priority.”

White said most experienced IT pros have cut their teeth with hardware and software in the data center. “IT people have an irrational attachment to the physical layer of corporate computing,” he added. “That is changing as savvier IT folks realize it’s OK to outsource these fundamental building blocks and move on to business-solutions development and business-continuity aspects of IT.”

We sometimes refer to the legacy IT staff, in a humorous manner, as ‘Server Huggers’. Unfortunately they cannot see where it makes sense and how it will help their organizations save money and stay competitive. Luckily this is changing rapidly and those that are still digging in their heels are becoming a smaller minority every day.

You can read the full article here:
Why most enterprise companies can’t afford to ignore the cloud

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