Release Date: 04/18/2019

This release for AIRLIFT Respond contains several bug fixes, improvements, and new features.


  • An organization or business name can now be entered in the records request form
  • More than one delivery method can now be selected
  • User-submitted Activity Log entries can now be edited
  • A confirmation dialog will now appear when closing a request


  • Requests that are past their Next Action date are now displayed in red text
  • The request date is now a required field
  • The request date can be altered
  • When denying or partially-denying a request, the list of reasons for denial now appear in alphabetical order


  • Request ID now shows the correct date instead of ‘INVALID DATE’
  • Chart for Requests per Role now renders correctly for requests with more than one assignee
  • Magic Tags for email templates are now rendered correctly

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