This release for AIRLIFT Respond contains several bug fixes, improvements, and new features.


This release includes new features, various bug fixes, and platform improvements.


This release contains a bug fix for Connect.


This release has an improvement for AIRLIFT Register custom pages. You can now use JavaScript Service Workers to perform event driven tasks in your application.


This release contains bug fixes and other improvements.


This release contains improvements for AIRLIFT Connect and other improvements


This release features an improvement to the AIRLIFT Connect administrative settings panel. The user interface has been updated to be more consistent and clear to make managing the AIRLIFT Connect endpoints and connections simpler.


This release introduces the integration of the Box platform with AIRLIFT. This integration allows for building rich applications using the AIRLIFT platform that utilize the content management features of Box for file storage and distribution.


This release contains improvements and a bug fix to AIRLIFT.


This release introduces a new feature to AIRLIFT: form users. For certain business processes user records both allow users to access workflows and data elements for your application. Using form users you can allow users from outside of your organization to sign up and login using an AIRLIFT form. This provides you with an easy way to apply groups and access controls to these users for your specific workflows without having to make them account-level users.

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