Quick Box Tip – Using Box Web Embed

Did you know you can use Box to display important documents for your constituents right on your website and easily manage them without needing to contact your webmaster every time a PDF gets updated?

Every organization I’ve ever worked with has a ton of documents that the public regularly requests: meeting minutes, common forms, public announcements, tutorials – you name it. A common practice is to upload those documents to a web server and link them on a webpage that often looks like this:

Clunky, cluttered, difficult to read, and hard to find what you’re looking for – cumbersome for your team to manage. If you make changes to any of those documents, you need to re-upload them to your web server, create a new link to the new document, and redeploy your web page. Sharepoint might tell you that is the only way, but it’s not.

Here is how this should work, using Box Web Embed

In your Box environment, dedicate a folder you want to surface and embed on your website.
Using the Web Embed feature generate an code snippet which can easily be embedded into any webpage by your IT team.

The embed code can be customized to match your website’s look and feel and will work responsively on mobile devices.

Now anyone with Box access in your organization can edit, update, and manage those documents.
Box Embed is like a little public window into your Box environment and should be treated as such.

Here’s what this can look like:

The Washington State Department of Health and the Developmental Disabilities Council, an arm of the Department of Commerce, have been using this feature with great success on their web properties.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting your Washington State Box experts.

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