Public Records Request – Simplified

The Washington State PUBLIC RECORDS ACT, also known as RCW 42.56, binds every public entity to make records available to the public in a reasonable period of time after receiving a request. The requests result yearly in hundreds of man-hours of work, thousands of reams of paper and countless emails and phone calls in order for an agency to comply. Often the requests are used in a punitive manner by requestors to play a ‘gotcha’ game with agencies, in the end it all costs money and time.

While we don’t take a position on the law or the policies that are adopted to comply with the law we do think there is a better way to fulfill the records request. We have been working on a module for AIRLIFT® that will streamline the Public Records Request processing effort. A component of the solution is provided by our customized integration with Box. Recently the City of Gig Harbor shared how effective the solution can be.

“As you can imagine it has been hard for some users TO ADOPT change AND BREAK OLD HABITS.  However we are making progress. Our users are extensively USING BOX SYNC and the sharing featureS.

However we had a public records request come in for a huge manual that we have here.  Molly found the actual physical manual but was just dreading the fact she was going to have to tear it apart and open and scan everything, including some overly large pages.  She had no idea where the old electronic version of this would be.  This was something like 260 to 300 page manual.  Anyway she decided on a lark, to do a search in box just in case she could find it under the author’s last name and viola!  In seconds BOX found the original document in a folder and place that she would have never known it would be there or to look in…she would have never found it.  She immediately, clicked and shared this link with the requestor and instantly her public records request was done! She was going around here saying “BOX IS AWESOME….”

If you are an existing Box customer and are interested in the AIRLIFT – Public Records Request module just contact us for a demonstration.

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