Now accepting applications for the 2019 AIRLIFT Summer Internship Program

If you missed the opportunity to apply for the AIRLIFT Summer Internship Program last year, now’s your chance to submit your application for this summer in 2019.

This program launched last year, and its success has inspired us to bring in a new group of aspiring individuals to immerse themselves in the day-to-day of achieving company goals. Interns will have the opportunity to assist in marketing and sales, create and give meaningful presentations, and gain skills necessary to pitch cloud-based solutions.

Cade White, a student at Central Washington University, interned for us last year, focusing on inside sales. “Interning with AIRLIFT helped me to better understand our fast-paced technology industry and the solutions it requires,” recounted White.

A core tool used at AIRLIFT Software on a daily basis is the Box Platform, and interns were exposed to its capabilities and feature-rich interface at an enterprise level. “All of our internship work took place using the Box Platform,” said White, “helping us to stay completely organized and up to date on every change being made.”

Washington State University student and Political Science Major, Connor Simmons, also participated in the internship program last year. “My experience during my internship with AIRLIFT in Tacoma was formative in the areas of sales, building business relationships, and valuable exposure to the inner-workings of a local technology start-up,” Simmons told me.

Last year’s interns spoke on the value that was added to their resumes after internship participation. “I believe this opportunity is one that has the potential to greatly benefit those with an interest in pursuing careers in technology or business,” Simmons said.

White remarked, “Real world experience is an important check mark to tick before you start a long-term career, and I truly feel that AIRLIFT’s program has given me just that.”

If you’re a student interested in what the AIRLIFT Summer Internship Program has to offer, we are now accepting applications for the summer of 2019. Slots are limited, so don’t miss this chance to gain relevant experience and get a head start in pursuing your career goals.

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