We’ve seen incredible interest and traction for our AIRLIFT product in the last year. Government agencies of all sizes are demanding a new approach to integrated software solutions for their teams.

The 21st Century brings the transition from desktop, in-house server supported legacy software to more user-centric mobile computing. Interactions happen everywhere, on many different channels, and are completely optimized for each task.

Today’s enterprise software solutions need to enable rapid development while honoring existing legacy systems. We have come to expect modern apps with a fresh and friendly approach that offer ease-of-use and delight its users.


We call this Pluggable Apps for Government.

Like most computer-related tasks in the 21st century, the future of government interaction is in the cloud. When our cloudPWR team set out to build AIRLIFT we had one goal in mind: Empower people to easily interact with and share information for faster access to available services in various government sectors.

AIRLIFT aims to transform the way people find, apply for, and complete government application forms. With today’s update we deliver a software platform that provides the ability to configure a number of different mobile information collection apps.

Over the past 12 months we’ve been working incredibly hard to build out the backend infrastructure of AIRLIFT. We spent time to rethink and restructure every aspect of the application. A growing user base demands new applied processes, beefed up security protocols and more fluid administrative interactions.

Your end user will find a refreshed design language with an updated color palate, and a new system font. All common interactions are in the same place and no retraining will be required. Your administrator has several new options to customize the app to suit your needs. Our new dashboard feature replaces the Help section and offers Box and Kerika integration, as well as quick access to our support team.

We’re incredible delighted to bring you AIRLIFT. This release is the foundation of what we call ‘pluggable apps for government’ stay tuned for more updates and customer testimonials.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Our team is here for you.

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