Introducing AIRLIFT Track

It was my turn to make something awesome.

Earlier this year I got my feet wet by working on the Person-centered Planning Guide for the Arc of Washington, as well as dabbling a bit in cloudPWR’s latest product, Respond. Working on these projects with the guidance of our development team was an opportunity that really propelled my skills in not only working with the AIRLIFT platform, but also as an aspiring senior developer.

I knew that if I wanted to progress, I needed to find projects to work on independently. An opportunity presented itself when I learned that the operations team wanted to replace a third-party time, leave, and attendance application with something that was simpler, and, more importantly, built in-house.

This app would become my baby. In the three weeks it took me to finish, exorbitant amounts of caffeine were consumed and several bouts of frustration were had. I tried extremely hard to limit how much help I was receiving from the dev team. Finally, at the end of October, I got the green light to push my app to the production server, and it immediately proved to be welcomed by all.

I was (and am) so proud of myself; I wrote an app that fulfilled a need at my place of employment. It’s being used on a daily basis. It’s optimized for mobile so that it can be used in the field. In the near future I plan to make it available for use offline. I’ve spent many nights since its initial release  thinking of features that could be added while still retaining its simplicity.

And just when I thought I couldn’t be happier, the company will be exploring the possibility of marketing the app – now called Track – as a product. Mind. Blown. I never expected this, as I was completely satisfied in just knowing that Track was embraced by the cloudPWR team. The idea of other companies using Track is absolutely surreal.

Looking back on the last year, even through the growing pains, I know that I’ve made progress as a developer and feel that I have proven to be a valuable member of the team. Being the only woman here is something that rarely crosses my mind, as I’m treated with the same respect as the rest of the team. I can say without a doubt that I am valued because of my merits and experiences, and that’s one reason why cloudPWR is where I want my career to flourish.

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