Hall is Instant Messaging for Teams

Where has that app been for the last few years?

Hall helps teams and companies communicate in real-time. Our all-in-one unified communications app has everything your company needs to communicate and get things done.

Sadly Basecamp’s (formerly 37Signals) Highrise never progressed into an app. Highrise remained stuck being a website for instant messaging with your team, but now it’s shuttered.

Teams, who are increasingly working remote are using every communication tool in the book. And often the message and continued communication stream gets lost among the endless text messages, Google Hangout chatter, and Twitter DMs. Hall wants to bring this all together.

Shadrach and I visited the founder Brett Hellman at their brand new offices in SF. The team just recently relocated from Mountain View to attract better development talent. I’ve not been in Mountain View, but with digs like these and in such a great location I understand why they made the move. I’ve been thinking for a long time that tech companies will start occupying spaces that have been left empty by retail or other services businesses which haven’t survived the change in consumer behavior.

Hall let’s you create teams, groups and single chats with individuals outside your organization. File uploads are simple and obvious. The conversation stream feels uncluttered and well-designed.

With apps for Android and iOS, even MacOS the product feels thoughtful and refined. Since it’s focused on the enterprise it’s really a matter of getting your team to adopt it more than anything.

One thing on my wish list for the app is that I’d love to be able to easily archive and export conversations. Especially in the enterprise world for auditing purposes this would be a great additional feature.

With last month’s WhatsApp announcement Hall find’s itself in a fascinating space and they are looking for great developers to join their team.

This posted was originally posted on my blog LiveLifeLoud.

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