Technologies, most of which are already in place, can be leveraged to transform “big” data into “fast” data, with immediate benefit to the business. For example, cloud (Azure), collaboration (SharePoint) and social business (Chatter) can be combined with analytics (Watson) to move important data to any endpoint in an organization. A tweet about poor service can instantly be delivered to the smart phone of any customer service employee. A paper document from a bank branch can be combined with a customer voicemail and website visit, and then delivered to that same smart phone. The possibilities and permutations are as endless as they are exciting.

If you are a business technologist, solution planner, or any business executive determining which technology investments will protect and strengthen your competitive position, your focus has to be much further ahead of the curve than ever before. And you need to understand what’s real and what’s real hype. Just how real are the advances in AI? What’s Dr. Kurzweil up to at Google and will he really reinvent how computers work? Is the cloud a “yesterday proposition”? Is it too late for social business? Should you spend another nickel on that integration project currently underway, or is it likely to be obsolete by the day after tomorrow?

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