Email attachments in Box

We use and recommend Box for File Sharing to cut back on email clutter. Do you get file attachments emailed to you? We have found this is a real content management challenge, especially when dealing with multiple versions of documents are being sent with editorial changes for approval.

We thought we would share a cool feature included in the Box App for iOS (iPhone). When you receive the email open the attachment and select the [Send To] Arrow shown below. Then Select [Open In “Box”] this will launch the Box App. We suggest turning on passcode lock for the App for extra security so you will have to enter your pin if you have configured that option. Next simply select the folder you want to store the attachment to and Select [Upload].





Unless there is some regulatory reason to keep the incoming email message you can respond to the email and then delete the incoming message. You will most likely be getting another email with a newly attached version shortly. If you are interested in setting up Box for your business contact us, we have experts ready to help you.

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