Data Enters & Workflow Begins


In order for business software and transactional processing to work effectively it requires a mix of both structured and unstructured data. In business people use both of types of data by accessing various information processing systems to complete daily work tasks and transactions.

Structured Data is the information stored in a traditional database format consisting of tables, rows and columns. The most basic example is using Excel to store and manipulate data for useful purposes. Advanced examples can be found in all business software processing systems.

Unstructured Data is the information stored in Word documents, emails, multimedia and electronic documents of all kinds. While many unstructured data files have an internal structure, they don’t directly fit into a structured database model.

However, in many cases the unstructured files do share bits of data that are used to tie or match them to bits that are stored in a structured data model or system.

AIRLIFT® is a powerful service bus architecture used to process transactions that are generated in various third party SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. Key fields are used to automate the matching of transactions and in most cases the unstructured data is sent to a system of record such as a Document Management or Document Imaging system and the structured data is used to populate transactional rows in a data processing system. This creates an integrated approach to process automation using a hybrid cloud environment where transactions begin in the cloud and mobile environment, the documents get archived to an on premise repository and the data processing workflow systems are populated with fully matched transactions.

Today we are announcing the addition of an important enhancement to AIRLIFT automation framework called APPFields. With the addition of Application Fields you are able to securely create, extend, store and share structured data both inside and outside the product. This is the beginning of an exciting new set of features that will provide data entry forms that can be the entry points that kick off workflow processing in more modern systems of engagement while at the same time supporting your current transactionally related data processing software platforms.

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