Collaboration Examples

Box Use Cases

The following examples help conceptualize how schools are using Box in a district office and in the classroom.

Example OneRFP using Box

On behalf of an individual school or district, Washington Learning Source wants to solicit vendors for new interactive projectors. The RFP is written by purchasing who has a goal of posting the bid by Aug. 1. Because of the time crunch purchaser uploads draft to Box so she can access it over the weekend and work on it from her iPad, PC or other mobile device. Once completed it is sent out and advertised as usual. When vendors submit letters of intent the associated contacts are entered into Box as “Collaborators” which is as easy as copying their email addresses. Security is set so the vendors can view all content uploaded by purchaser in the RFP folder and it automatically sends notifications whenever a new item is added (Addendums etc.). Vendors are can be configured as ‘anonymous’ collaborators to protect identities and proposal responses. When the purchaser uploads a new file or adds a comment thread all vendors are notified automatically via email and a secure audit trail is created. In addition each “Collaborator” i.e. vendor, can upload their proposal responses electronically. This reduces costs and has a positive impact on the environment by reducing printing and paper waste. Box automatically time stamps each submission. Submissions by Collaborators are not viewable by other Collaborators. Because Box is a hosted or cloud based Software solution, IT loves it. All IT has to do is select their security settings after the software is provisioned. No Servers installs to manage, no software updates to manage, no version upgrades to manage, no network storage or backups required.

Example TwoTeacher Assignments

Assignments may be uploaded to a Box “Folder” each student can be set up as a collaborator (this only requires an email address).

    • It can be set up with read only permissions.
    • Can’t remember the homework assignment? Students and parents can log into Box to view, download or print the assignment.
    • Box is configured to be interactive. Fill in your answers on the form and return the assignment to Box by uploading the document.

Each student can be assigned a folder. All work can be saved to the folder, whether they are at school or home, anywhere they have access to the Internet they can access their Box folder.  Box is compatible with Google Docs which students can get free. Google Docs includes word Processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. When student is finished with a writing assignment using Google Docs or Word they simply upload to Box.

Only the teacher with a Box License can set up folders, assign collaborator(s) for a folder and set folder security and rights.

Box supports Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry. This provides secure, easy access to all documents and assignments on the go.

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