I’m someone who had always had such poor experience with scanners in the past that my preferred form of memorializing documents had become photographing them with my phone. So much so that I even went as far as to cut some pieces of polarizing film to cross-polarize my phone’s flash and camera (this reduces the flash glare you get from a white document page). Continue

This is a nice piece of hardware that takes up very little space on the desktop, but the real power is in its simplicity. There are only 2 buttons – one for power and the other a programmable button for one-touch scanning.

I set this up on a Mac Mini so there is no CD ROM drive, but the software can easily be downloaded with a quick visit to the Canon support site by simply entering the model number to locate the file. After installing the software and then powering up the device I was ready to scan with a handy icon on the taskbar to open the CaptureOnTouch scanning client. Continue

Are you searching for an independent consultant with expert level experience? Imagine working with a peer that has held a position as a Public Records Officer in Washington State.

Ascender Consulting can provide a range of services to help you get up to speed with the recent changes to the Washington State Public Records Act – RCW 42.56. Whitney Stevens has served in various civil service positions, including as the Snohomish County Public Records Officer (PRO). Whitney’s experience and knowledge gained through years of service is now available to help you prepare and implement policies, procedures, technology and best practices for Public Records Request management.

Ascender is well versed in all aspects of the challenges facing public and records management professionals. The firm does not provide legal advice but will give you a firm grip on how PRO’s should implement change and begin adapting to reduce costs, increase compliance and adopt technology solutions like AIRLIFT Respond.

Box is increasingly being adopted for file sharing and collaboration across government agencies nationwide. While Box is not yet a full-blown records management solution, it is one of the best ways to create, share, and secure working files. And now that they’ve announced Box Drive beta, it’s gotten even better.


A couple of weeks ago we had our junior development team participate in a local Hackathon, sponsored by Tacoma’s Metro Parks. We love getting a change to leave our office walls behind every now and then, get to know new people and expose ourselves to different technology, other data sets and sink our teeth in a challenge that help our community grow and prosper.

This is Monica’s report: Continue

Seeking local opportunities in the technology field?
You should plan to attend this exciting conference being held March 3rd, 2017 on the beautiful campus of University of Washington – Tacoma. Be sure to join our local panel of technology leaders following the luncheon Keynote.

  • Panel Chair – Andrew Fry
  • Guy Reim -CEO Adaptive Energy NDT Solutions
  • Even Brubaker – Co-Founder/CEO Accumula
  • Shadrach White – CEO/Founder cloudPWR
  • Jared Potter – Co Founder RedQuarry
  • Linda Rix – CEO Avue Technology

These dynamic leaders will share why they chose Tacoma, the challenges they face and how they plan to grow and thrive over the next five years. As an attendee you will have a chance to ask questions directly to the panel in this interactive session.

The conference includes topics that cover Hiring and Recruitment of Tech Workers Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Augmented Reality and Cybersecurity.

Registration is required at www.tacoma.uw.edu/sst $20 includes buffet lunch $25 if you would like to help sponsor a student to attend $10 Students with valid student ID.


When I had my second interview with cloudPWR owner and CEO, Shadrach White, and Senior Software Engineer, Les Harris, I was feeling pretty discouraged. Another company had given me a verbal offer of employment, but then retracted that offer a week later. I had been told at many interviews over the past several months that I was academically overqualified for most entry-level IT jobs, but lacked the experience for mid-level positions.

The initial position I had interviewed for at cloudPWR was in management for the new help desk department. I have no managerial experience, but I am – and always have been – eager to learn. Aim high, right? Continue

flyoverMaintaining secure access to all your business critical content is just the beginning. Many of our customers are extending the Box platform to every corner of their organization. One of our favorite destinations and a loyal customer City of Gig Harbor is changing the way files are stored, searched and secured.

Using Box they have reduce the need to invest in expensive storage hardware and increased the security, mobility and findability of electronic files and content. Box was recently named as a market leader in the latest Forrester Research paper.

  • Staff can find documents faster.
  • Mobile devices have secure access.
  • Records for public disclosure are easily shared.

To support the use of Box the City Council adopted policy that is meant to ensure that cloud services are used in compliance with City policy and IS/FBI/CJIS standards.

“We migrated 4 Terabytes of data from 11 servers to Box, our partner cloudPWR helped facilitate this process in addition to providing demonstrations and training to help make the process smoother for all users. We have found cloudPWR is very easy to work with and will readily get back with you for any needs you may have”. – IT Support Manager

Engaging your target audience is one of the main purposes of a modern web site. It is no longer just a replacement for the yellow pages. New web sites drive inquiries and contacts through a call to action message in a specific section of a page or an action button. Whether it is publishing a form that allows customers to schedule a truck  for picking up their giveaways or filling out a profile so they can prepare for a meeting with caseworkers, cloudPWR is focused on engaging users on the sites we design and build for our customers.


The sites we build take it one step further by providing direct connections to existing business software systems and integration with third party Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. We specialize in building integrated systems and use a variety of methods when working on web sites and our own AIRLIFT applications. We use standard and secure approaches to data and system integration. We have experience integrating at both the user interface, database and application layers. Depending on the point of integration we use a variety of development approaches. These include, web API, XML, Javascript and other techniques and development languages.

airlift_nasaAs any entrepreneur will tell you, the harder you work the luckier you get. When cloudPWR launched in 2011 the business plan was to drive revenue by delivering ground breaking cloud apps to the Public Sector. What began as a Consulting and SaaS resale business has now become a fast growing software company with a significant lead in a brand new market. Continue

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