June 6, 2019

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Accela Partners with cloudPWR’s AIRLIFT to Increase Data Privacy for Cannabis Patients

The partnership will enable state and local governments to decrease liability and privacy issues with AIRLIFT’s leading compliant registry solution and set a new standard for tracking and tracing medical and legalized cannabis

San Ramon, California- Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for government, today announced a partnership with cloudPWR, an agile software development company connecting people, information and government through cloud-based web forms. AIRLIFT, cloudPWR’s cloud-based patient registry platform, will now be offered to Accela customers to streamline the complex process of managing cannabis patient data and ensure HIPAA-compliance when toggling between recreational and medicinal cannabis users’ records. The integration of AIRLIFT into Accela’s full breadth of cannabis solutions for local and state governments provides customers with support at every stage of the regulatory process — from licensing to enforcement to patient registry — to empower safe and thriving communities.

“The partnership between Accela and cloudPWR is a natural fit,” says Greg Felix, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Accela. “We are both committed to creating the best technology for governments, and AIRLIFT was the clear choice when we were looking for a proven patient registry solution to offer our customer community. AIRLIFT’s unparalleled technical capabilities will empower communities to harness the full benefits of medical and legalized cannabis without sacrificing HIPAA compliance and flexibility as the industry continues to evolve.”

Governments and businesses alike face major legal and regulatory hurdles in navigating the shifting nascent cannabis landscape. Managing sensitive patient data for medicinal cannabis and maintaining compliance is one of the top concerns, especially in the age of massive data breaches that can endanger user privacy and hold states liable for mishaps. As recreational and medicinal cannabis legalization unfold side-by-side in many states, more complexities have inherently emerged for government departments and agencies in keeping patient data private while keeping up with unprecedented citizen access and demand.

“As cannabis legalization spreads across the country, having the right tools and technology to safely serve communities without sacrificing flexibility and performance continues to be a major challenge,” says Shadrach White, Founder and CEO of cloudPWR. “Our partnership with Accela, the dominant player in government technology, is a testament to the last eight years of progress we made building an agile and dependable product that is highly valued by our customers.”

Many comparable cannabis solutions that include licensing, as well as track and trace systems, have been plagued by security issues such as data leaks and non-compliant mixing of patient and non-patient data. CloudPWR’s proven success with AIRLIFT in protecting cannabis patient privacy continues to establish it as a market leading solution. The company created the forms used in the retail marijuana application process for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. In 2016, cloudPWR entered into a contract with the Washington State Department of Health to transform the medicinal cannabis registry process to mirror the process used for recreational cannabis and comply with new state regulations.

“I cannot remember a time AIRLIFT was not available for me, says Kelly Ryan, Manager at 2020 Solutions’ Blue Guide and Blue Iron Street Stores. “cloudPWR has been an incredible asset for whenever the store needs help.”

“My experience with AIRLIFT’s support system has been exemplary; any issues that have come up are handled quickly and successfully,” said David Sloan, COO, VP and owner of Herbs House. “The system works for our needs and I have never experienced it not available.”

Accela’s partnership with cloudPWR comes on the heels of a renewed wave of collaboration with Accela and its implementation, technology and industry partners to further enable success for Accela’s customers and the citizens they serve.

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About Accela

Accela provides market-leading solutions that empower state and local governments to build thriving communities, grow businesses and protect citizens. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Accela’s fast-to-implement Civic Applications, and robust and extensible solutions platform, help agencies address specific needs today, while ensuring they are prepared for any emerging or complex challenges in the future. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with additional offices around the world. For more information, visit

About cloudPWR

Founded in 2011 in Olympia, Washington, cloudPWR focuses on building cloud software for the government and higher education sectors by leveraging modern development practices. Its proprietary software platform AIRLIFT was architected within the cloud to increase flexibility, productivity, compliance, and end-user satisfaction by simplifying antiquated and costly processes traditionally done by hand and moving them online. For more information, visit

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This milestone is extremely important for the many people who have worked together to promote our city as a technology hub for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors. Together we have begun a journey that is still in the early stages of growth.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to get to this point – this is a tremendous validation for our individual and collective efforts. I want to give a very special thank you to Lee Reeves for bringing so many of us together.

Yes, according to the Washington State Archives, a division of the Office of Secretary of State. The staff at State Archives provides valuable guidance and materials for best practices, training and records services statewide for agencies and records management professionals.

The OSOS has included important considerations to take into account when choosing a cloud provider. These considerations are detailed on their website.

Link to Guidance

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Look no further than WA State Master Contract 04913, which provides for secure cloud storage through Box at a third of standard pricing. Box is an Enterprise Content Management platform (ECM) that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention. At this time many State, City and County agencies all across Washington are utilizing this contract and made the move towards the future of working with content in the cloud. 

Box is also the ECM system of choice for thousands of users employed by the federal government from agencies such as:

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  • US Dept of Forestry
  • US Air Force Recruiting Services

To see how Box can simplify and organize your document storage, collaboration, and retention policies, click here to watch a video demonstration.

Box is also integrated with AIRLIFT Respond, which is approved under master Contract 04913 and can be bundled with Box for further savings. AIRLIFT Respond is a cloud software platform for the management and retention of all public records requests. Respond also provides for annual JLARC reporting. Beginning July 1 2018, many local governments and state agencies are required to track metrics for annual JLARC reporting. These metrics include, but are not limited to, the average number of days to complete requests, average cost of request fulfillment, and reasons why a request might be denied partially or in full.

Please contact us with inquiries at 206-588-6861 or send us an email to

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cloudPWR is excited to officialy announce our partnership with AWS.

We’ve been building our AIRLIFT platform since its inception on AWS servers and couldn’t be happier.

AIRLIFT is architected and managed as a platform to meet the security requirements of government. We provide solutions for electronic signature, public records and content services integration.

Partner with us on your next cloud application.

cloudPWR is excited to announce that, since its launch this last August, hundreds of parents and dozens of case workers and teachers from all over the United States have been using MyLifePlan on AIRLIFT.


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