Canon Image Formula DR-C225 & Box

This is a nice piece of hardware that takes up very little space on the desktop, but the real power is in its simplicity. There are only 2 buttons – one for power and the other a programmable button for one-touch scanning.

I set this up on a Mac Mini so there is no CD ROM drive, but the software can easily be downloaded with a quick visit to the Canon support site by simply entering the model number to locate the file. After installing the software and then powering up the device I was ready to scan with a handy icon on the taskbar to open the CaptureOnTouch scanning client.

The software is intuitive with preset document types for capturing text or photos and a super-simple auto detect mode. You can easily select output locations, such as your desktop, photos folder, cloud, or a myriad of other destinations. You also have the ability to create your own output sources and file locations. You have the option to create a shortcut that stipulates the document type and the output source, which you can link to the programmable button on the device for the most common scan jobs. Just place the documents in the scanner, press the button, and, presto, you’re done!

If you have a Box account and would like that to be an output source, you are covered there as well. You scan straight from your scanner to your Box account by installing the Quick Scan app from Box. Just login to your Box account and click on your profile to reveal a drop down menu and choose apps, find or search for the “Quick Scan” app and download. The latest driver must be installed for the scanner which is easily found at Canon Support and you are now ready to scan to Box. Simply place your doc in the scanner, navigate to the location in Box that you want to scan to and start the Quick Scan app.

This device works much better than I anticipated. I tested multiple documents of various sizes, including business cards and photos. I learned that business cards must be placed in the scanner in portrait orientation. I even crumpled up a few pages and then flattened them out to see if the device would still produce a high-quality scan. They scanned without a problem with very few of the wrinkles noticeable in the scanned doc. This device will also scan in duplex mode, which must be specified in the output source you are using.

You can set the finished doc to be exported as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG. All of the documents for a particular scan job can be saved as a single file, or a separate file can be created for a specific number of pages. For example, if you have 30 pages to scan, it will create a separate file for every 3 pages if you set the “Create a file for each specified number of pages” setting to 3. The help files and user manual, which can be found on the help menu of the taskbar, are handy, but you really won’t need them as everything is very self-explanatory.

I cannot comment on wireless setup or scanning as I have the DR-C225 rather than the DR-C225W, but I would highly recommend this device. It’s compact, lightning-fast, and produces quality scans in color or black and white with DPI settings as high as 600. This is a very nice device!

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