AIRLIFT Respond answers the $60MM Question

In a study released by Washington State we get a good look, and stark reminder that furnishing public records is expensive and often cumbersome. The freedom of information act affects all public organization, from small towns to large state agencies with thousands of employees. This is important work. Transparency is indispensable to democracy, now more than ever.

Fulfilling public records requests cost Washington’s state and local governments more than $60 million in the most recent year.

That’s a lot of money. An enormous amount of time spent by state employees furnishing requests for a lot of people.

  • For the full performance audit, published in August 2016, by the State Auditors Office click here.
  • For a quick glance, there’s a 2-pager published as well.

Over the last few month our team built a modern, user-friendly, lightweight and secure application that is supposed to help with that.

icon_rdOur app RESPOND ships Q1 2017 and is built on top of our popular software platform AIRLIFT.
We’re excited to share it with you soon.

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