A New Way to Collaborate on Team Tasks

What is the most common way for project teams to communicate on tasks? Email—which is also one of the most inefficient tools when it comes to collaboration. Email may be great for notifying team members but it is dismal when it comes to providing a single location for the current version of documents, task status, or conversations. Think about all the times you’ve had to search your Email for the latest version of a document or conversation about a project.
Fortunately, the team at cloudPWR was introduced to Kerika, an easy to use software that allows teams to collaboratively work on tasks and manage projects. And unlike Microsoft project—it doesn’t require an expensive package understood only by a few.
Each project is organized as a task board with columns representing the status of the task and cards representing individual tasks.


Each card has options for assignments, deadlines, links to documents, and chat. There is also a versatiale whiteboard option that can be used for basic flowcharting. On a recent project, the cloudPWR team used the whiteboard option to design a workflow for a local community college that was then used for the initial software prototype.


For a major upgrade project at a municipal planning department, a team spread from Washington to Minnesota, used Kerika to successfully manage document reviews, technical questions, issue management, and key tasks. We stored documents in Box and other repositories and then linked the appropriate card in Kerika to that document. This made sure the team was working on the latest version.

Because Kerika is browser based it can be used on workstations, iPads, and Smart Phones. It comes with basic templates to get your team started but is very customizable so it can be adapted to different types of projects and teams.

Give it a test drive at www.kerika.com and take a step up from inefficient email to manage your projects.

Note that due to the confidential nature of our projects all these screenshots are taken from Kerika templates and not actual cloudPWR projects.

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