A brand new website for the Washington State Endowment Trust

The web design and development team at cloudPWR is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Washington State Endowment Trust Fund.

We’ve been working with the Department of Commerce and the Arc of Washington to refresh several of their website properties.
The overarching goal for each project was to bring 21st century design, function, and accessibility while maintaining a clear focus on the content and the ability for the visitor to find what they are looking for very fast.


Here’s how we did it:

For the Endowment Trust Fund Website the plan included a complete brand refresh and a new flow for how content is presented and accessed. Working in close partnership with the endowment trust fund team we took just 4 weeks to design, develop, and deliver the project.screenshot-2016-10-14-11-08-45

The other two web projects we completed earlier this year. We completely refreshed the website for the DDC and a site called Informing Families.
For the DDC we utilized similar visual design elements as for the Informing Families site in order to align those two brands tightly. We also employed Box Embed to allow the easy storage and retrieval of various documents the council is sharing, both with their council members internally and with the public.

The Informing Families website was the first of the three we launched. This is a family outreach and communication tool for the DDC. This site’s focus was on easy navigation and friendly clear communication. People need to find and access information quickly.


All three sites are hosted by cloudPWR on our web servers. This made deployment easy and pain-free for us and the customer. Each site uses WordPress, an open-source, powerful and easy to customize content management system. We minimized the use of plug-ins, but custom built themes to the exact specifications of the customers. All sites are mobile friendly and responsive designed – of course.

From the website editor for the Informing Families site:

“The response for the new Informing Families website has been great. We went from 100 hits a month with the old site to a current average of 6500. I received lots of reports of case managers using it. People love how easy it is to navigate and how to obtain the information needed. The functionality and ease of navigation that makes all the difference.”

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