This release introduces several new features including full editing of form records, adding a new form type for linking records between forms, the ability to “undelete” a user. We have also included bug fixes and other improvements.

The new Linking form type allows you to build relationships between data stored in your form records. This allows you to create more powerful workflow applications. These relationships show up in the detail view of the record allowing you to discover the records that are linked together and easily manage adding and removing relationships as needed.

  • FEATURE: added the ability to edit existing records so that data can be corrected or updated.
  • FEATURE: added a new form type that allows you to link records from one form to another.
  • FEATURE: added the ability to “undelete” a user who had previously been deleted if necessary.
  • Update: disabled password management for users who use a third party login service to access AIRLIFT.
  • Bug Fix: users were unable to update their AIRLIFT password in a specific case.

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