Release Notes 06/27/2016


This release includes product enhancements as well as several bug fixes.

  • Improvement: updated datepicker that offers more options and improved compatibility
  • Improvement: account administrators can edit “locked when not empty” fields to make corrections
  • Improvement: Additional user information can be passed using the X-User-Identifier header on API requests
  • Improvement: Custom pages can now use record ids in the url (ex: /custom_page/1234567)
  • Improvement: Records that are marked as deleted are not shown by default in the form record view
  • Improvement: Workflow Paths comparisons can now be configured to be made in a case insensitive manner
  • Improvement: Searches now default to being case insensitive and can optionally be made case sensitive by passing the case_sensitive=true API parameter.
  • Bugfix: In certain configurations uploaded photo data was inserted into the wrong field on record creation
  • Bugfix: Dates returned from the API were in an incorrect format only showing the year
  • Bugfix: Comparing Dates in a Path did not return expected results
  • Bugfix: In certain cases users could be logged out before they had reached the session inactivity limit
  • Bugfix: SAW users who had more than one service in their SAW account were unable to login to AIRLIFT
  • Bugfix: When editing a record a photo that was previously attached to the record would be removed even if a new photo was not attached

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