Release Notes 06/13/2016


This release includes several improvements and fixes for workflow forms as well as other fixes and improvements.

  • Improvement: New field types for telephone numbers and email addresses that now enforce formatting of phone numbers and email address entered as data
  • Improvement: User groups can now have their own login redirect separate from the account wide redirect
  • Improvement: Workflow paths can now have a priority set so that certain paths will always be checked before others when they are processed
  • Improvement: Workflow Forms can now have fields that are locked from having data entered or edited. They can optionally be edited when no data has yet been entered into the record.
  • Improvement: Notifications generated by the system can now be templated to include information about the user and account
  • Improvement: Multiple fields can now have their validation linked together so that they must all pass to pass or all fail to fail validation.
  • Bugfix: In an account with a large number of forms not all of the forms would be available as options in various dropdowns
  • Bugfix: In certain cases fields that were deleted from a form would continue to show in the form editor
  • Bugfix: Internet Explorer was experiencing issues while using the form entry interface

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