Release Notes 06/06/2016


This release features custom page templates as well as other custom page improvements and numerous bug fixes. New custom page templates allow for building custom pages that can be used with AIRLIFT Workflow Forms and Paths to build complete business process applications inside of AIRLIFT. This feature brings a new level flexibility for solving business problems using the AIRLIFT platform.

  • FEATURE: Custom Page Templates – create custom look and feel for your templates to customize entering data into AIRLIFT Workflow Forms
  • Improvement: Allow Blank Lookup Values – it is now possible to allow a field to be blank or to match a lookup validation value for cases where a value is optional, but must pass validation if supplied.
  • Bugfix: Workflow Paths had several ui bugs that were addressed
  • Bugfix: Fixed errors loading forms with Safari and InternetExplorer
  • Bugfix: In certain cases filtering reading data in a security policy would not have the desired effect
  • Bugfix: Notification Channels would not trigger in certain cases with Workflow Paths and send their messages
  • Bugfix: Unable to add options to a picklist in the Form builder in some cases
  • Bugfix: When entering Endpoint information the values are now trimmed to remove any trailing whitespace
  • Bugfix: Fixed errors when editing users and setting or changing group information

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