AIRLIFT Release Notes 11/09/15


This update includes several fixes and features to AIRLIFT Workflow forms and other parts of AIRLIFT

  • A new Secure Field is available to accounts that have requested access that allows for masking and encrypting of data
  • A photo capture field is available for using a web cam to capture photos into AIRLIFT. Mobile support is experimental.
  • A new view was added for individual records that allows for looking at all of the details of a record
  • Sub-forms can now be added to records of a Workflow form allowing for further data to be captured about a record
  • Users who have admin permissions for managing Workflow forms can now change the status of a form to deleted. All form data is retained, but the form will no longer be shown in the Workflow forms list.
  • Improved EchoSign Widget creation flow that shows the link to the created widget at the end of the flow.
  • Bug fixes to display errors in the account admin page and dashboard.

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